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Yuletide Reveal~

Since two people guessed right (and I owe them fic now!) I'll do these in the same order.

Fics 1 and 2: Only fics in their fandom. I wrote both. If you follow me on tumblr you probably know what the canon is.

Commander of the Vanguard
Sengoku Basara
Mitsunari is more valuable to the Toyotomi army than he knows.

Engaged in His Employment
Sengoku Basara
Toyotomi Hideyoshi has burned all affection, all attachment, all weakness from his life. He has no friends, only allies and subordinates. He has no family. He takes no women or boys to bed. He killed his wife to prove his strength.

He has not killed Hanbei.

Fics 3 and 4: Also in the same fandom, with some character overlap. Also somewhat predictable given my recent fannish history.

A House of Dust and Darkness
Fate/Zero (and Fate/Stay Night)
After his brush with the Grail, Gilgamesh adjusts to life in the basement of the Fuyuki Church. The priest is not as accommodating as the King of Heroes deserves.

If Thy Hand Offend Thee
Fate/Zero (and Fate/Stay Night)
“Father,” the boy asks, “am I bad?”

“No,” Risei answers without missing a beat, and holds Kirei in his arms, pillow and all. “Never. You did something bad, but bad isn’t something you are. You’re beautiful and good and God loves you, and so do I.”

Fic 5: Not a fandom I have written in before, but one I have written about more than once. Nevertheless, the subject matter is something you would expect from me, if somewhat parodic.

Equus malus
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
He rides across the nation, the Thoroughbred of Sin.
He fights for subjugation, and of course he'll win.

(Of course.)

Fic 6: A fandom I have neither written in nor talked about before, and frankly one I don't think most people would immediately associate me with. But the canon is part of, well, the canon, of its source medium, by a creator universally respected, and deals with cultural themes and mythology that I'm really interested in.

The Age of Not-Believing
Spirited Away
Ten years after the bathhouse, Chihiro spends Golden Week vacationing with her real-world friends, but can't help keeping an eye out for some from the other side.

Two Suikothings!


Sorry for the radio silence: I have had ridiculous(ly good) real world concerns for the past couple of weeks, and will continue to. But I thought the Suikoden fans on my flist would appreciate knowing about two new fics:

A Hasty Proposition, in which Flik names his sword and tells Odessa they're married now, with predictably awkward results.

And Grasping At Shadows by my beloved [personal profile] puella_nerdii, in which Jowy Atreides makes poor life choices.


Willow Bark


It's been about a year since I wrote this, I think it's totally safe to de-anon now. And considering I'm seeing the movie tomorrow, I kind of want to get this out there before the potential SQUEE.

Title: Willow Bark
Author: Mithrigil
Characters: The eventual Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy, and others.
Rating: PG-13, aftereffects of violence.
Words: 2900
Spoilers: None, all backstory.

Summary: Garrett Everdeen has been coming to Ilona Teller’s house for years, selling herbs and flowers at her back door. But the day he finally makes it into her house, it’s not by his choice.

Garrett Everdeen is naked on Ilona’s kitchen table.Collapse )

So one day, Puel and I were tossing headcanon around, you know, like we do, and I made a comment about how Luca Blight probably has a fine-looking pair of hands. Like, classical-guitarist level of fine-looking hands, long fingers, strong fingernails. Puel misheard the "classical" part of classical guitarist and envisaged Luca Blight holding an axe up over his head and yelling THIS IS THE POWER OF ROCK!!!!!!! as he smashed the poor instrument down upon the nearest amplifier.

Then this happened, because apparently if you turn Suikoden II into a boyband AU, it kind of works.


Once upon a time, in a recording industry near and dear to our hearts, there was a major company called Jowston Records. The recent financial crisis and differences of opinion as to the state of the industry fragmented Jowston Records into several genre-specific imprints. Highland Records, a rival company, has been exploiting these fissures in the hopes of taking Jowston Records down completely and dominating the scene. But Highland Records is involved in some pretty shady shit, and that corruption has spread down from the executives to the bands themselves.

One of the most popular bands on the Highland Records label, a power metal band (with a sizable mainstream following) called The White Wolves, is in the middle of its second North American tour. Two unfortunate roadies and amateur artists witness lead singer and guitarist Luca Blight involved in an incident of arson, possibly to cover up a drug-related murder, and flee before they’re caught at the scene. This incident is covered up in the press, and these boys are outraged. They run into an indie duo, Blue Lightning and the Bear, who bring them on board as they search for ways to save Jowston from what looks like an inevitable buyout from Highland.

But one boy decides to expose Highland Records’ corruption by promoting the Jowston label, and the other decides to take Highland down from the inside...

Cast of CharactersCollapse )


SO YEAH. We want to poke around in this universe but don't want to write the whole thing, so we're more content to ramble and gossip and and make jokes about Fitcher giving Shu blowjobs under the desk and retell the time that Odessa Silverberg took Flik to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and and and and and. THROW PROMPTS. Backstory! Onstory! Ridiculous lyrics about getting knifed in the front! The perfect Shu latte!

And yes, he is also an expert at the pimpsmack in this universe.


Take a Third Option


Shameless. Shameless, shameless Areyougame porn. Also Nash practice, because damn do I love his style.

Title: Take a Third Option (AO3 Version here)
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Suikogaiden
Characters: Nash, Seed, Culgan
Words: 2500
Rating: NSFW. Shameless porn.
Warning: Dubcon.
Don’t know the fandom? You might still like this if you enjoy: Dudes in distress, m/m/m threesomes, take my body just don’t haul me in, snark, dirty talk.

Summary: Suikogaiden Chapter 3. Nash is shit out of luck escaping from the Highland camp. But he has to have some tricks still up his sleeve.

He’s not supposed to get caught flat-footed. Or in this case, with his pants down. Literally.Collapse )


A Knight's Service


Sometimes there is adorable crack in this journal. Adorable, straightforward crack.

Clearly my girlfriend has been good for me.

Title: A Knight’s Service (AO3 version here)
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Lilly Pendragon, Fred Maximilian
Words: 1150
Rating: PG. Maybe just PG-13 because Fred is oblivious.
Don’t know the fandom? You might still like this if you enjoy: Headstrong girls and airheaded boys, silly fun things people do before they go off to war, utter failure to get laid.

Summary: On the eve of the battle for the Ceremonial Site, Lilly Pendragon desires the company of a young man of appropriate station...

Fred’s not sure what he would do with a “fine piece of tail” anyway. Is that something to sell?Collapse )


This is a prequel, I guess, to a longer thing that Puel and I are going to be working on. The tentative series title is All Stars are Bound by Gravity, mostly because we've been calling it Suikoden All-Stars for short. And it's going to be a big post-III epic Nash thing with plot and rune theory and romance and awkward reunions out the wazoo.

But first, this has to happen.

Title: Pre-nuptial Agreements, and other forms of sacrifice (AO3 version here)
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Suikogaiden
Characters: Nash, Sierra.
Words: 1800
Rating: PG-ish R. A vampire wedding complete with turning, tasteless jokes, and poorly tuned organs.
Don’t know the fandom? You might still like this if you enjoy: Snarky couples, nonhuman definitions of love, gender-role play, desecrating churches, rebirth.

Summary: Nash and Sierra’s wedding night. In another faith’s church. With a corpse.

They don’t play organs at weddings in Harmonia.Collapse )


Silent Affirmation


This one's been a long time coming!

Title: Silent Affirmation (AO3 version here)
Authors: Mithrigil and Puella_Nerdii
Fandom: Suikoden V
Characters: Frey, Lyon
Words: 1600
Rating: R, first time sex, not very explicit

Summary: They’ve never needed to say a word.

Lyon’s tried not to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. She doesn’t have to wonder or try not to anymore.Collapse )

I lost a bet.

Title: Five Times Jowy Atreides Almost Believed in Luca Blight (and once he remembered not to) (AO3 version here)
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Suikoden II
Characters: Jowy; Pilika, Pete, Luca, Jillia, Seed, Culgan, and a conspicuously absent Riou.
Words: 1500
Rating: R for Real, as in Shit Gets.
Warning: Discussion of rape as per Luca’s backstory. Also violence. Well, it’s Luca.
Not in the fandom? You might still like this if you enjoy: Monsters, young people utterly in over their heads and the powerful men who exploit them, meditations on power, the apparently delicious irony of me writing characters outside my comfort zone.

Summary: “Today, I stood before Luca Blight once again. I listened to what he said, and I became something terrible. But maybe...no. Maybe I was only taken in by his strength. Taken in, and terrified of it. I asked for power, once, but maybe I was really grasping at Luca’s shadow.” - Suikogaiden 1, Chapter 2

The castle Pete and Pilika have built, out of upturned buckets and bowls and earthenware cups, is a marvel of architecture.Collapse )


Puel and I have ventured into actualfacts co-writing again. Really, it's impossible to pass up a good slice of team gen with a badass lady commander, a very friendly bear, a pleasant enough gold brick, an accountant/spy, and the young lieutenant totally in over his head.

Title: People Outside of Warrior’s Village Sure Are Friendly! (AO3 version here)
Authors: Mithrigil and Puella_Nerdii
Fandom: Suikoden I
Characters: Flik, Viktor, Odessa, Humphrey, Sanchez, assorted rogues
Words: 5500
Rating: PG-13, some jokes that’ll go over the heads of the underaged. (Including Flik.)
Not in the fandom? You might still like this if you enjoy: Party gen, insurgence resistance, lady commanders and the youths who have ridiculous crushes on them, the kind of stories where research into fletching is actually rather important.

Summary: How Flik got drunk and joined the Liberation Army.

“Yes!” The kid slams his pint down. The beer leaps out of it like a trout. It’s only about a quarter-full now. “Yes! That’s it. It sounded like that in my head. It just didn’t come out right.”Collapse )



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